Makronissos Island is situated between Kea and Lavrion. The island today is uninhabited except for a few shepherds who live there. Legend says that Paris, the man who caused the Trojan war, hid Helen in a cave on the north side of the island. This is why the island is also known as "Isle of Helena" .

History of Makronisos
Makronissos played an important role in the history of modern Greece.The end of the Second World War was followed by the beginning of the Civil War. Makronissos is one of the darkest places in the history of Greece. In 1947 all soldiers whose ideas and opinions were suspicious were exiled on this island. Three special battalions were formed: Α'ΕΤΟ, Β'ΕΤΟ, Γ'ΕΤΟ and in 1948 the 4th battalion for the political exiles was created. The island became a place of terror and torture in an attempt to change people’s ideology. Greeks tortured other Greeks. "Patriots" tortured Patriots. When the boat carrying water could not reach the island, the people were given salty cod to eat... Threats and individual and gang torture were the daily routine in order to make people to bow their heads and bend their morale. Those who did not want to sign the repentance statement were transported to A'ETO and were sent to martial court. Those who signed them were forced to stone the unrepentant.